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Q. Tell me about your copyrigh policy.

A. Copyright? ... o, THAT right. Listen carefully.
Just download them! No charge!
But please don't change designs, and you can't use them for commercial purposes.
KOLME icons and wallpapers are distributed under creative commons license Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported.
For more information about creative commons, go to their website.
If you are interested in acquring commercial licenses, please send and email to info@snowbugs.jp.
Snowbugs ltd. represents Tamas and is responsible for licensing KOLME characters.

creative commons
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Q:Do you have icons for windows XP?

A:We'are afraid we don't have icons for windows XP and Mac OS9(or older) available.

Q:I missed limited edition icons. How can I get them?

A:You can download limited edition icons only within a specified time. However, you can exchange icons with you friends, so find KOLME community over internet, and ask someone.

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Q:What happens if I join the Mailing list?

A:You'll receive the weekly KOME magazine every Monday which includes up-to-date information, like newly added icons and design goods.

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Q: Can I add a link from my website?

A: No, problem. Feel free to add links to KOLME website
Please link to the top page: http://kolme.net.
Here are the banners.

Q: Can I write an article for my blog?

A: Please do.
You can capture the screen and put it up as well.