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Icons & Wallpapers Sumo series

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"Dos koi!
Here, I was asked to show how you can change icons and wallpapers on Windows VISTA.
You can find step-by-step guides in the following pages. Osu!"

"If you want to resize desktop icons,
Right-click the desktop, point to View, and then click Large Icons, Medium Icons, or Classic Icons. (Classic icons are the smallest size.)
Find your favourite size!"

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"Got chan!
If you are using Mac OSX, only you need to do is to download the icon, unzip it, and it will appear on the screen.
Now, you might want to change icons of existing folders. Here are the links to help you do that."

"In order to resize the icon, Right-click the desktop, and click 'Show View Option'.
You can choose size from a fairly wide range. Nice..."